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Apacer 8GB CF 133X Card

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Apacer 8GB CF 133X Card
CF ver 2.0 specification
Using CF2.0 specification, effectively enhance the access speed, compatibility
  Apacer Apacer Dual Channel Technology Dual-channel transmission technology
Apacer Technology using innovative technology on the memory card in the set two memory chips (Flash), so that controller (Controller) to adopt dual-channel data transmission (as distinct from its brand generally use single-channel), to achieve double bandwidth, double efficiency, while taking advantage of two highways just like the transport of data, like that allows you to save a substantial waiting time for transmission
  Apacer Apacer Wear Leveling Technology to write an average of wiping memory blocks Technology
When the data is written to the storage card may do so through controller (Controller) to write data to the average distribution of each block of memory, so memory, each memory blocks can be used rotation to enhance the memory blocks, the average usage, to avoid excessive use of a single memory block caused by damage; through Apacer Wear Leveling Technology will be able to significantly extend the life of memory
  Auto Standby supports automatic power-off and standby mode
When the system (such as: computers, digital cameras) to set the standby and hibernate mode, the memory card that supports automatic power-off to cope with the system into standby or hibernation mode to reduce system standby power consumption, efficient use of time to enhance system power
  Line with EU environmental directives RoHS
Products are lead-free manufacturing process, in line with EU environmental directives will not cause harmful contamination
  Memory Card Interface mode
I / O mode
True IDE Mode
Operating voltage of dual voltage, 5.0V or 3.3V
Reliability built-in 4 bytes / page ECC function
Perform dynamic wear leveling algorithms to substantially increase the service life of flash memory

Operating temperature 0 ° C to 70 ° C
Power management Automatic standby and sleep mode
Low current operation Active mode: 28mA (typical)
Standby mode: 0.5mA (typical)

Capacity 2GB-16GB
Size 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 mm
Weight 12 g

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