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Apacer 8GB CF 300X Card

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Apacer 8GB CF 300X Card

Apacer Technology introduces the fourth generation CompactFlash® memory card, the Photo Steno Pro IV 300X CF card, for professional cameras. Currently, the capacities are available in 4GB and 8GB, and 16GB is expected to launch soon. Apacer 300X CF is equipped with the highly compatible, high-performance controller, advanced file management ability at faster data transferring rate, and longer life with Apacer exclusive "Wear Leveling Technology".

It is also included with the error-correcting codes (ECC) feature for auto-detection and auto-correction of errors. These features contribute to the excellent read/write performance of Apacer 300X CF card: read at 47MB/sec and write at 36MB/sec*, which can support for UDMA mode on high-level digital cameras. Its super speed and super capacity allow users of high-resolution professional cameras to concentrate on photography and enjoy high-speed shooting, because they either have to wait for the lag between shooting and data transfer, nor to worry about inadequate space for storage.

Apacer Photo Steno Pro IV 300X CF card uses the CF4.0 specification and original SLC flash memory (single-level cell) to deliver outstanding performances, thus allowing users to take high-resolution photos without any worries. It also use the latest dual-channel technology; i.e. the controller transfers data in two channels, which is different from the single-channel transfer of conventional CF memory cards to deliver double bandwidth and double efficiency. Apacer Technology insists on using original chips on all memory products manufactured in accordance with the EU RoHS Directives, including the lead-free processes, to prevent environmental pollution.

*Transfer speed varies on different equipment.


High Data Transfer Rate


  • The CF card with a capacity of 8GB or higher is designed for FAT32 file system capable devices.
  • The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file formats and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.
  • For Flash cards with an X-speed rating, use 1x=150KB/sec. as the multiplier to calculate data transfer rate quickly. For example, 150X * 150KB/sec = 23 MB/sec read speed.

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