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Corsair Flash Readou USB 8GB

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Corsair Flash Readou USB 8GB

Sex, cars, football, newspapers, even ham! All of these things are far more interesting than your average USB key. However, none of them are as good at transporting your precious data from computer to computer, and that is the reason we’re looking at the new Corsair Flash Readout drive today.

You know all about these things already though. Or do you? USB keys are the new floppy disk - or, rather, the new mountain of floppy disks in a big box. Most drives on the market today can easily transport 8GB of data, which is around one thousand floppies worth. For most people, this is plenty of capacity, given that Word documents average ar

However, the sheer popularity and increasing ubiquity of these keyfob wonders means that there are more manufacturers out there than you can shake a very large joystick at. So how do you decide between them? Well, you can look at the price, you can look at the capacity, and you can look at features. Yes, this is a USB drive with extra features. How so?

This drive from Corsair has an LCD readout on the front. The readout tells you the name of the drive and tells you the amount of room left on the device, using two - count 'em - different methods. A numerical readout of the capacity gives you the explicit lowdown while a handy pie chart conveniently illustrates the allocated space on the drive vis-a-vis the capacity.


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