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To prepare for the coming of USB 3.0, PQI releases another USB3.0 storage device ─ Cool Drive U368. The USB3.0 interface couples with TurboFlash USB software to maximize U368’s speed on the USB3.0 bandwidth. This allows users to transfer mass amount of data such as HD images and HD video files promptly and saves time!

The USB3.0 interfaced Cool Drive U368 and TurboFlash USB together can produce read performances that reach 105MB/sec. It is almost 3x the speed of USB2.0 interfaced USB flash drive, satisfying consumer’s needs for mass data transfer and fast transfer speed to save time!

Cool Drive U368 uses high quality metallic frame that is royal-blue in color with black streaks, giving it a high-tech feel. It also comes with a thoughtful design where the lid can clip on to the end of the USB flash drive so users need not worry about misplacing the lid. U368 is currently available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities to choose from. With the increased storage capacity need, USB flash drive’s storage capacity also increased dramatically. The latest USB3.0 bandwidth can solve mass data transfer issues while remain portable in the form of a USB flash drive. We trust USB3.0 Cool Drive U368 will be the best choice for a personal storage device.

Cool Drive U368 specifications
Interface:USB3.0 (backwards compatible with USB2.0)
Transfer rate:Read speed can reach a maximum of 105MB/sec
Dimension:90.1x22x11.1 mm
Software:TurboFlash USB

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