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A: design and OEM projects are two types:

1. Customers have designed a blueprint or sample

Step 1: Design and the structure of 3D renderings to the client for confirmation, and production of palm samples, according to plans (fees apply)

Step 2: In the Hand sample confirmed, a model and design PCB board.

Step 3: Client acknowledges that the goods in the appearance of products, the mass production of customer orders.

2. Customers only have a design concept

Step 1: draw a simple 2D design to the Customer Reference (free)

Step 2: Design and the structure of 3D renderings to the client for confirmation, and production of palm samples, according to plans (fees apply)

Step 3: In the Hand sample confirmed, a model and design PCB board.

Step 4: Client acknowledges that the goods in the appearance of products, the mass production of customer orders

B: Why should automatically run the function?

For example: When using custom USB flash drives as a marketing tool to publish information on a number of PDF files, use the auto-run feature can guarantee that when your customers when the thumb drive into your computer, you can immediately upload your most important file. Some companies also like to use auto-run Flash or HTML menu to help users quickly stored in the flash drive to the wide range of documents.


Standard personal computer autorun.info not work on the Mac.

Some companies each computer by changing the registry to prevent the flash drive and the CD automatically runs on the computer in the company as a security precaution. (Our experience is that this situation is still very small.)

Some users in the thumb drive into the computer, the security software may ask if they want to allow USB AutoRun automatically start. They simply click Yes, AutoRun will start running as usual.

AutoRun feature set to run automatically

Within the Flashbay USB set to automatically run a file, the function is very fast, very simple, just follow the following steps.

1) Open your favorite plain text editor such as Notepad Notepad.

2) Cut and paste the text box below into your normal text editor.



shellexecute = example.exe

3) & example.exe & replace the text you want to automatically run the file name, including the appropriate file extension (eg: index.html, slideshow.ppt, portfolio.pdf, etc.).

You want to automatically run a file may be in a folder, so you can give the path to the file. Alternatively, you can automatically run a like this URL:



shellexecute = http://www.YourWebsiteAddress.com

4) Now save and name the file: Autorun.inf

5) this file and you want to automatically run the file or other data added to the thumb drive's root directory

Using a special USB icon

When the USB is plugged into the computer, you can & & my computer see it as a drive under there. The standard windows drive icon will show up by default, but you can add your own drive icon, such as your company's logo . you have autorun set to increase based on the line, then. ico files are also added to the USB on it. (in this case called company_logo.ico)



shellexecute = example.exe

icon = company_logo.ico

Most likely you have internal IT department of your company logo. Ico file. But if you want to own one, you do need to use a special icon in the program. (In a standard image editing to make a 16X16 pixel inside Why then the file name. ico file is not acceptable.)

C: USB Common Faults and Maintenance

The following failure in the maintenance, we should exclude damage and PCB board USB interface, Weld, and USB extension cable under normal circumstances, and then repair to judge.

1.U disk into the machine, no response

Maintenance ideas: According to the symptoms to determine, U disk machine did not work, and U disk tools have the conditions to maintain our focus. U disk whatever program you want to work must have the following conditions:

(1) power supply, power supply and needed to be divided into FLASH master the required power supply, these two is the key, and U disk circuit is very simple, if there is no power inductors are generally damaged or 3.3V Insurance Regulators block damage, said regulator block and then talk about here, the three pins are the power input (5V), ground, power output (3.3), the working principle is that when the input pin of a 5V input voltage, output pin will output a stable 3.3V. Found where there is no power as long as the root of the problem will be solved.

(2) clock, as the master at a certain frequency to work with the FLASH clock signal for communications transmission should *, so if there is no clock signal, the master will not work. Check this area in the circuit when, in fact, the clock generating circuit is very simple, only need to check the crystal and its peripheral circuits can, for fear of brush and U crystal compact disk is easy to fall to the ground caused by crystal damage, as long as the replacement of the same crystal can be. Note: The crystal can not be measured, the best way to judge the good or bad is a good substitution to determine the crystal.

(3) the master, if the above two conditions are normal and that is the main chip damaged. As long as the replacement of the master.

2.U disk into the computer, indicating that the device does not recognize.

Maintenance ideas: For this phenomenon, the first thing that the circuit U disk normal, but only with the computer communications malfunction, and for communications to check the following points:

(1) U disk interface circuit, the circuit component is nothing special two data lines D + D-, so check the circuit to the master as long as the measurement data lines between the lines is normal can be, generally in the data line and the control circuit will be connected in series between the two small resistor values to play a protective role, so to check the resistance value of these two is normal.

(2) clock circuitry, as U disk to communicate with the computer to be carried out at a certain frequency, if the U disk and the computer can not synchronize the operating frequency, the system will think it is a ldquo; does not recognize the device rdquo; out. At this time we should change the crystal. The actual maintenance is really a lot of instances of damage to the crystal!

(3) the master, if the above two checks are normal, it can determine the master damaged.

3, U disk can be recognized, but when prompted to open the "disk not formatted" but the system is unable to format, or the prompt "Please insert the disk", which are garbled to open U disk capacity does not match with itself and so on.

Maintenance ideas: For this phenomenon, the hardware can determine the U disk itself is no problem, just a software problem with the.

Solution: find the master program and do some repair tool on it. This will we all see what U disk master program to decide.

U Can not write file to disk failure, do not store such phenomena are generally poor performance or FLASH caused by bad blocks. U disk unlike MP3, there is no firmware is said, but some manufacturers put their own software inside, it will not look at low grid.

Tell you a very simple way is to master the encounter damage or can not find the appropriate repair tool, you can use U disk set to re-engage in a new U-disk, the methodology is the fault of the FLASH machine removed, put to the new PCB board on it. U disk set includes (PCB with a master (1.1/2.0) and the shell of a) the maintenance is very simple to do data recovery even more convenient.

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